Construction Practice Areas

Bid Disputes & Protests

Our attorneys have earned a reputation for successfully representing contractors involved in bid disputes and protests with municipal, state, and federal governmental agencies.  We understand the strict administrative procedures and time constraints associated with bid disputes.  Our industry focus allows our firm to quickly and efficiently prepare bid protests to preserve our clients’ rights to be awarded work under a public contract.

Bid protests typically involve either pre-award challenges to the terms of the procurement process or post-award challenges asserting that the award was not in compliance with the criteria and procedures specified in the public solicitation. These matters are highly time sensitive and we have the staff and resources necessary to swiftly and effectively challenge the process.  When preparing a bid protest, we work closely with our clients to carefully scrutinize the bidding process and keep them apprised of all actions surrounding the protest.

Our firm provides highly skilled and detailed examination, advice, and representation to businesses and professionals seeking to protest awards of public contracts.  Our attorneys utilize their construction law expertise to achieve expeditious and favorable outcomes for clients involved in bid disputes.