Construction Practice Areas

Construction Defects

The attorneys at Ferencik Libanoff Brandt Bustamante & Goldstein, P.A. have decades of experience handling cases involving construction defects.  We often represent owners, contractors, manufacturers, design professionals, and their insurance companies in complex construction defect claims. 

Construction defects can encompass a wide range of problems, including poor workmanship, errors in construction and design, and use of inferior or non-conforming building materials.  These claims often involve complex legal, technical, and engineering issues.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable about building codes and countless state and federal laws and regulations.  When it is alleged that clients are responsible for construction defects, we work with the best accounting, engineering, and design professionals to review and evaluate the claim so that we can build the strongest defense possible for our clients. 

When a business or building owner has suffered a financial or property loss as a result of a construction defect, our legal team identifies the best strategies to recover those losses.  Wherever possible, we attempt to negotiate and mediate cases to achieve a settlement in a timely and cost-effective manner.  When a resolution cannot be reached, we aggressively pursue proper remedies for our clients through the litigation process.