Construction Practice Areas

Contract Drafting & Review

Our construction law firm has exceptional depth and breadth of experience across the entire range of transactions involving the construction industry.  Our attorneys take the time to understand the unique commercial operations of each of our clients and work with them to develop contractual arrangements that best promote their legal and business objectives.  We frequently draft, review, and negotiate manuscript contracts, but also have extensive experience preparing industry standard forms.  We regularly tailor terms within these standard agreements and develop supplemental provisions designed to protect our clients’ goals and interests. 

Our firm employs a forward-thinking approach when preparing and negotiating construction contracts.  We explain the potential legal, business, and financial challenges to our clients and work with them to create strategies to steer clear of such hurdles.  Unfortunately, not all obstacles can be predicted or avoided.  When conflicts and problems do arise, our attorneys work with our clients to quickly develop effective resolutions so that they can focus on what they do best, running their businesses.

Firm attorneys have drafted, reviewed, and negotiated thousands of contracts for companies and professionals in the construction community.   We use our thorough understanding of the industry and the legal landscape to give our clients the distinct advantage they need to preserve and drive their businesses forward.